We are all born with the potential to heal ourselves and others


Healer, Teacher and Researcher, Founder of the Abrahamson Center

We are all born with the potential to heal ourselves and others


Healer, Teacher and Researcher, Founder of the Abrahamson Center


Ehud Abrahamson is a healing expert, teacher, and researcher.

​He is internationally known as the founder of the Abrahamson Center, an international chain of addiction cessation centers using bio-energy healing to help people get rid of addictions such as nicotine, alcohol, sugar, and drugs. In the past 40 years, over 150,000 people have gone through treatments in the Abrahamson Center worldwide.
Aside from his activities within the Abrahamson Center, Ehud has been lecturing and teaching from his learnings in the fields of bio energy healing & self development and is a personal mentor of many influential figures around the globe.

Growing up around his father, Prof. Jack Abrahamson (M.D), Ehud developed a strong affiliation to therapy and healing. After starting his training with a paramedic course, Ehud studied Biology and Psychology in University while researching the fields of alternative, holistic medicine at the same time. Wondering how to combine these two disciplines with his passion to help others, Ehud developed a unique method to help people in the process of weaning from addictions.

In 1999 Ehud gained national acclaim due to his appearances on national Israeli TV where he twice gave a live therapy treating people both in the studio and the viewers at home who wanted to quit smoking.


” Hundreds of people jammed our phone lines as soon as the program went off. They descirbed a feeling of nausea and repulsion from cigarettes….. We found this extraordinary and have no explanation for this phenomenon. “

Menachem Hadar

Good Morning Israel Producer

Israeli Broadcasting Authority

Following these events, Ehud started teaching his method and training other therapists while maintaining a historical 90% success rate in the therapies. To this day, all the therapists who work in the Abrahamson Center worldwide have been personally chosen and trained by Ehud.

Ehud resides in the northern part of Israel with his family and is currently leading a handful of new initiatives to do with research, healing, personal development and well being.

Throughout the years he has been treating, lecturing and teaching other therapists to help people get a chance for better health and life quality.


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The Abrahamson Center is an international leader in addiction cessation therapy. Developed by Ehud, the method is completely natural and is based on the holistic understanding that body, soul and consciousness are a single unit. Since it was founded in 1983 in Israel, the Abrahamson Center has become an international organization that helps thousands of people each year to stop different addictions such as nicotine, sugar and addictive carbohydrates.

The therapies at the center include an explanatory discussion, a one on one aura cleansing and energy balancing by a non-invasive, non-touch process. Most people who come for a therapy get rid of their addiction after one treatment.

The Abrahamson Center currently has 19 centers all over the world.


Discover Ehud’s new meditation series. Recorded exercises to enhance
and take care of your energetic complex.


Imagine you open an umbrella to shield yourself from the rain. Now imagine you have a shield that can keep out peoples thoughts and negative energies.

Blue Breathing

The blue breathing meditation is a technique that has been used in different forms for thousands of years and is very useful in case of anxiety, anger or stress. Use it to cool down and rebalance your system.

Penta Power

The human physical complex works on five distinct energies. This pentagrammic power system is often out of balance and lacking because of the world we live in today. Use this meditation to re-balance and charge up.

Sending Energy

Healing energy can be sent to a distant person or situation in need. In order to accomplish this you must be in a very special state and then aim and send. This can be an absolute enhancement and healing to the person receiving.



Stress Alleviation

Stress, pressure, depression, anxiety, and so many more maladies are part of society today… seem to have become a normality. And yet, often instead of medication, it is possible to alleviate stress by meditation. Try this short and yet powerful meditation on a daily basis.


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