Wake up your dormant abilities​

by Ehud Abrahamson

Harness the power of BioEnergy to transform your life. Wake up dormant abilities to reach new levels of harmony, heal yourself and grow. Learn to sense, see and channel Ehud Abrahamson​

7-weeks, 20 minutes a day

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filmed lessons, exercises and guided meditations with Ehud.

An online meeting with Ehud at the end

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A practical guide to energy work that matters

For the very first time Ehud opens up some of the principles and BioEnergy techniques that he uses in his work.From the wisdom and practice of the ancients to today’s most groundbreaking scientific discoveries, learning to use our Bio-Energy can transform our lives in extraordinary ways.

What is BioEnergy?

Like air -  vital for life yet mostly unseen - Energy is the fundamental level on which our physical reality is manifested. From what was known by the ancients as ‘prana’ or ‘chi’ and later measured using Kirilian photography, and new research done in the world’s leading universities, BioEnergy is an important part of our human experience

 From the atomic level to planet Earth - everything has an electrical happening surrounding it. In the human body there are different energetical systems (nervous system, meridians, chakras etc.) Together, they create an amazing picture we call the BioField.

About Ehud

With over 40 years of experience, Ehud is internationally known as the founder of the Abrahamson Center, a network of addiction cessation centers using BioEnergy healing to help people get rid of addictions such as nicotine, alcohol, sugar, and drugs. Throughout the years more than ______stopped their addictions with Ehud’s method worldwide. Aside from his activities within the Abrahamson Center, Ehud has been lecturing and teaching from his learnings in the fields of bio energy healing & self development and is a personal mentor to many influential figures around the globe.

In this course Ehud opens up for the very first time many aspects about BioEnergy that he has never shared before.

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Program curriculum

Join Ehud for a mindfully designed curriculum of lessons, guided meditations and exercises that will give you a new set of Bio-Energy tools for your personal development journey. .

It takes around 7 weeks to complete the program, we recommend taking the time between the lessons to practice and let your systems adapt. Should take around 20 minutes a day.

How does it work?

  • Each chapter includes
  • a 25-minute recorded lesson with Ehud.
  • Recorded exercises and practice sessions with Ehud.
  • Recommended reading materials and bonus videos
  • Guided meditations and personal exercises for practice between lessons.
  • A live peer meeting with Ehud at the end of the course.
In this chapter you will get to know more about Ehud’s personal story and his lifelong research and work. You will also be invited to join our private community online where students interact, share thoughts and more. 

- Ehud’s life and training
- The establishment of the Abrahamson Center
- A general overview of the BioEnergy course
- Access to the private community
What is Bio Energy?
Chapter 1
From ancient times to today’s most recent scientific studies, Ehud takes you on an exciting journey with many aspects he never shared before. Starting from the energy of the sun to the power of our minds, basic electromagnetism to history and art - this chapter lays the foundations and the notions needed to embark on this journey. At the end of it you will already start exercising BioEnergy work for the first time.

- The ecosystem of our planet and sun
- The science of BioEnergy
- The human biofield
- Guided BioEnergy sensing exercise
What is Bio Energy?
Setting an atmosphere
Chapter 2
Ecology matters. For any kind of BioEnergy work to be effective, you must start from clearing and cleansing your space. Over the past 40 years, Ehud has worked in about every kind of environment and here he shares his techniques and experience.

- The 4 levels of cleanliness and the 4 elements
- How to set up and maintain an atmosphere
- How to get rid of old energies in a space
- Cleansing as a step in development
- Recommended objects and tools to have around
- Summoning exercise
Setting an atmosphere
Chapter 3
Meditation as a form of medication - a powerful tool used throughout this course in different ways, in this chapter Ehud shares his perspective on meditation and how to make the most of it. Ehud shares a personal experience he had with one of his teachers in Varanasi.

- What mediation actually is and what it is not
- The fundamentals of BioEnergy mediations
- Stories from Varanasi
- Blue Breathing- balance and relaxation meditation
You are the driver
Chapter 4
Chapter 4 - You are the driver We are not our body. In this invigorating chapter, Ehud starts from examining together the different parts of our being. From our carcass (the physical body) to our spirit and soul, we learn to differentiate between our energy centers, our Bio field (the aura) and more. We learn to clean and discharge them and later then - according to what kind of energy is needed - we learn to charge the different centers using special mediations.

- How is Astral travel possible?
- The different parts of our being
- The pentagrammic energy system
- Introduction to Special Grounding techniques
- Two Guided meditation sessions
You are the driver
Will & Won't
Chapter 5
If we mind it - it matters. Utilising the incredible connection between our thoughts and our biofield can bring about tremendous change to our life. From the Akashic Records in ancient sanskrit writings to Carl Jung’s collective consciousness - this chapter is an introduction to Ehud’s perspective on how to connect and manifest that which you wish to have in your life.

- How to connect to memories in the biofield of our planet
- The Akashic Records
- Guided summoning process
- Self examining process of what we wish to have in our life and what we don’t
Will & Won't
Chapter 6
A very important preparation for any BioEnergy is Shielding. From learning how it works to practicing it with Ehud, in this chapter we deepen into this topic firstly as a preparation for the exercises in chapter 7 and secondly as a useful tool to have in our daily life.

- Why is shielding important?
- The different levels of our biofield
- Guided Shielding Meditation
- How to remove the shield
Higher human abilities
Chapter 7
After successfully completing the first 6 chapters, It is time to take our BioEnergy skills to the next level. In this chapter we deepen into sensing, seeing and hearing energy using our 5 higher senses.

- Cleaning static energy and enhancing energetic flow
- Sensing exercise
- Seeing exercise
- The Personal Kata
Higher human abilities
A course of action
Chapter 8
With your now new perception, Ehud goes through what we experienced in this course and connects some notions that will take you into the next steps of your BioEnergy journey.

- Recommended schedule We recommend taking your time with this course rather than rushing through the chapters. Should take between 3 to 6 weeks based on how much time you have to practice in between the chapters.
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1. The content of this course is provided for educational and informational purposes only

2. The content should not be used for the diagnosis or treatment of any medical condition or disease. This course is intended for personal development, and participants are not encouraged to apply the techniques taught to others.

3. This is not a certification course, and completion does not certify proficiency in the Abrahamson method for addiction cessation.

4. Participation in any meditation or exercise may involve a certain level of risk, and individual responses to these activities may vary. If you are receiving treatment from a physician or other healthcare practitioner, or have been diagnosed with any medical condition or disease, consult with your provider before changing, modifying, or beginning any treatment program, including meditation work.

5. The safety and well-being of students participating in nature outings or lighting candles etc. recommended by the program are the sole responsibility of the student, not the program.

6. All content in this course is the intellectual property of the Ehud Abrahamson Academy. It may not be reproduced, copied, broadcasted, or used for any purpose other than its intended educational use.


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